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The new Unlimited Program is here! (English version)

The new Unlimited Program is here! (English version)

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New Unlimited Program

We take pride in our students’ success stories and share their happiness. We now want to multiply this joy to everyone who is on the same path, regardless of their native language. So, the Academy promotes #EnglishForAll.

Success in PTE, IELTS or General English comes as a response to commitment and practice. For this reason, the Academy’s programs are reinvented with the sole purpose of catapulting each of our students towards success. Our new Unlimited Program allows you to attend all the available classes you consider necessary during a period of up to three months in preparation for PTE, IELTS or General English. The content of the classes varies weekly for an intelligent and complete training.


Contact information:

José Carrera

0468 522 064




40/100 William Street. Five Dock

NSW 2046

Entry via Rowe Street.



How it works:

  • The class focus changes weekly. We improve English grammar while practising with speaking, writing, listening and reading tasks.
  • Each student’s schedule will be defined before starting the program. The Academy will always help you choose the best classes to take according to your individual circumstances.
  • You can choose to participate in class for one, two and three months, or you can also select the individual classes you prefer. However, success requires intelligent preparation, perseverance and study, so we strongly recommend preparing with anticipation so you can transform the new content into your own knowledge.
  • You will share classes with a maximum of 5 face-to-face students. This guarantees sessions in which all your doubts will be answered clearly and you will have revisions and improvements made directly on your answers. We may also have online students.
  • The correction of essays or writings is an integral part of your preparation and you can send them via an email. The essays will be sent back to you with corrections, improvements and comments. We will see how each writing will be better than the previous one.


Available hours:

  • Tuesdays to Fridays
    • 4.30pm to 6.30pm
    • 6.30pm to 8.30pm
  • Individual home assignments for weekends.
  • Schedule availability changes every so often according to class progress. Each student will be given class times before starting the program.



  • Unlimited Program – One Month: $ 75 per week, $ 300 in total.
  • Unlimited Program – Two Months: $ 50 per week, $ 400 in total.
  • Unlimited Program – Three Months: just $ 41.66 per week, $ 500 in total.
  • Hand-picked Classes: $ 60 each.


All prices include GST.

You can choose to pay 100% to start, or, 50% to start and the remaining 50% 14 days later.


The program includes:

  • Participation in classes
  • IELTS study material
  • PTE study material
  • General English study material
  • IELTS / PTE top-scoring templates
  • Vocabulary study material
  • Access to our library
  • Correction of essays or writings.
  • Daily online/phone support
  • Feedback


Types of classes:

  • General English:
    • Basic, intermediate and advanced grammar
    • General reading, writing, speaking and listening classes
    • Grammar exercises for real-life application
    • Speaking classes through guided discussions
    • Reading club
  • PTE
    • Know-how initial class
    • Exam overview
    • Techniques and tips for writing, listening, speaking and reading
    • Individual classes for each question type from the speaking, writing, listening and reading sections.
    • Essay class
    • Mock tests
    • Know-how initial class
    • Exam overview
    • Techniques and tips for writing, listening, speaking and reading
    • Individual classes for each question type from the speaking, writing, listening and reading sections.
    • Essay class
    • Mock tests
  • Individual Home Assignments
    • Bespoke activities for each student.


Next steps to take:

  1. Contact José via an email to sydney@carreraslearning.com or a call to 0468 522 064.
  2. Participate in your first FREE class.
  3. Continue your successful path in Australia while we work on your English skills.


Other students’ experiences:







Terms to consider:

  • Enrolment is limited. We recommend avoiding procrastination.
  • Unforeseen events occur to students. You can cancel or postpone your participation in any class. Likewise, you can pause your program as you need. You will always make use of all your weeks before having to renew your program again.
  • Unforeseen events occur to the teacher. In case the Academy has to cancel or postpone any class, the session will be replaced each time by an additional one at no cost.
  • The investment of the selected class program must be confirmed in full following one of two available payment plans: 1. Pay 100% of the total amount to start, or, 2. Pay 50% of the total amount to start and the remaining 50% 14 days later. This payment plan only applies to the 2 or 3 months program.
  • The Academy can reschedule or change class focus.
  • There will not be classes available on Public Holidays.

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